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Soft White Rubber Block

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This flexible, white rubber material can easily be carved for block-printing and rubber stamping designs. Use with water soluble products. Soft cut art block for carving fine line detail. Easy to cut, flexible and will not crumble or break. Make your own rubber stamps!

Size :

Thin: 60x150x100mm

Medium : 80x150x100mm

Thick : 100x150x100mm

This rubber block is of a good material which does not crumble (very important for carving fine details!). It is not too soft, nor too hard. Just right! It is also thick enough to print, without the need for wood mounting, yet not too thick that it is difficult to hold when you are carving. :)

Other great features include: transfers image from tracing paper clearly, clear lines when drawing directly onto block with pencil, very durable, doesn't disintegrate easily, smooth, heavy and sturdy, easy to cut into smaller pieces and good to use with either the penknife or lino tools.

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